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The Trench Coat

Yeah, you all know the stereotype-the guy on the street corner, hawking whatever hot merchandise he has from inside his trench coat. Of course, being who we are, we embrace the stereotype, so we're calling our new card sale page the "Trench Coat." However, like the guy on the corner, we may be here today and gone tomorrow-it's all up to you whether we keep this going.

Here's the deal-in order to have the money on hand to do things like underwrite tournaments, add to prizes, and other stuff like that, we need an income. What better way than by selling Redemption cards? (We considered an Internet pyramid scheme and short-selling stocks, but decided this was safer.) So, for a limited time right now, we're offering some cards through RNJ. No singles at this point-just sealed boosters (and maybe starter decks). To make it worth your while, we've adopted a crazy pricing scheme:


SHIPPING: For NJ players (or anyone else close by), if you can wait until a tournament I'm attending, I will personally deliver your cards at NO CHARGE! (Not only that, but if you order a sealed box AND take hand delivery, I'll knock another 5% off!) If you want them mailed, I'll let you know the actual charge to send them via US Mail. Order a sealed box, get FREE SHIPPING!! (YES, I AM INSANE!! Crazy Eddie has nothing on Crazy Steve!!)

Anything I have on hand ships as soon as payment arrives. I accept cashier's checks/money orders with immediate shipment, personal checks with a three-day clearance before shipment, and PayPal cash only. (I can't afford to accept credit card payments, sorry.) Of course, I'll also accept cash payments for hand-delivered product. If you e-mail me in advance, I can get my hands on anything you want pretty quickly. If you want starters, e-mail me for a price quote.

If demand is sufficient, I'll be happy to keep rotating the stock. My trench coat is an XXL...