Upcoming RNJ events

If you host a play group, Redemption club, or tournament in New Jersey, please send us information about it to post on this page. We'd like to be as comprehensive as possible in covering NJ events. Just click here to e-mail us with your event.

And WATCH for an unusual event-I found what I needed for this, so it's gonna be a go sooner or later...a very RNJ concept. I know, I've been promising this for a while, but now it looks like January or February it WILL happen. (After marching band season and Christmas.)

Anybody in central NJ interested in playing can contact Steve. We may try to set up a playgroup or two if there is enough interest. There is also an active group down in South Jersey that is planning some local tournaments, so if you live down that way (Cherry Hill and south), check our players page for some of the local contacts.

NJ Tournament Results

August 9, 2003- Local Type I, Cherry Hill, NJ: 1st-Robert Braun; 2nd-Steve Braun

August 29, 2003- Local Type I, ShoreCon, Cherry Hill, NJ: 1st-Justin Sangillo; 2nd-Robert Braun

RNJ winner at Nationals, October 10-11, 2003, Pittsburgh, PA- Sealed Deck 2-player: 4th-Robert Braun

November 1, 2003-Local Type I, Cinnaminson, NJ: 1st-Justin Sangillo; 2nd-Jeanette Kivelowitz; 3rd-Anna Braun; 4th-Steve Braun; 5th-Robert Braun (prizes given to 5th place)

I am currently missing all of the results for our 2004 tournaments, including the State and District tournaments. If you were at a New Jersey tournament, and know who finished first, second, or third in any event, please let me know. I'll post results as I get them.