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"If we are out of our mind, it is for the sake of God..." (2 Corinthians 5:13a)

"You guys may have the strength of two, but the humor of ten." (Rob Anderson, responding to another set of posts by Phil and Steve)

Welcome to the Redemption New Jersey web site! If you are looking for a helpful site, with lots of information on the game and hints for better game play, you've come to the wrong place. (Well, not exactly-see our "Why Should We Do All the Work?" page for that kind of stuff.) But if you're looking for a different take on the game of Redemption, by some decidedly different players, this is where you want to be . So come on in and see what's up in Jersey. But we warn you, enter at your own risk...


Real Cheater Gets Maximum Penalty!
Details in our tournament coverage

Wow-I'm just so swamped these days that I completely forgot about this page! Anyway, I promised Rob Anderson I'd break the news noted above prior to Nationals this year, so I guess I have to do it. I have to ask indulgence from the RNJ famdom out there, however-I just started a new degree program, my son is in marching band, and I still have to work and keep the other kids hopping, all while my wife is working on her doctorate! So updates may be few and far between for a while...

Special Notice: If you find really odd problems with any page (other than the usual, expected oddities), please e-mail me. This is really a quick and rough update, being done while I Shop-Vac the remnants of one of those Florida hurricanes out of my basement. (Fortunately, we didn't get hit too hard-and our prayers are with those who did.)

Check out a new page of graffiti, featuring some artwork from the new Kings set. (I have GOT to get an index on those pages now...) WARNING: Someone did find a way to do a graffiti on "Eaten By Worms."
Redemeption Retro is here!

Check out the preliminary info on our Redemption Retro page.
WEBJESTER'S CHOICE: Hey, check out the compilation of the "750 Ways to Annoy [REDEMPTION] People" from the newsgroup. AND the very first card from that ephemeral future expansion, Plants of the Bible.
NEW JERSEY LOCAL TOURNAMENTS!!   Interested? Check out the "Events" page. You can also check out results of previous NJ events there.
WEBJESTER'S NOTE: If you have sent me graffiti that appears on our pages, but don't see your name listed as a contributor, please e-mail me with your name and which graffiti is yours. I lost the names of a few contributors during my move and change to a new computer. I apologize for this, and hope you will set me straight (or at least a little less skewed).


The Other Newsgroup FAQ - The stuff that Redemption Wisconsin won't touch.

Really Cool Ideas for Redemption - Most of which Cactus wouldn't touch with a 10 foot pole.

Why Should We Do All the Work? - Links to helpful web pages, where people who care deeply about the integrity of the game of Redemption have compiled all the lists, tips, and rulings so we don't have to.

Redemption Graffiti - Other, normal Redemption pages have really nice art pages. But we're from New Jersey, so what else would you expect?

Redemption New Jersey player listing - At least, those who will admit it.

Redemption New Jersey event listing - We don't just post to the newsgroup, we really do play (sometimes)!

RNJ Crosses the Delaware (formerly National Nuggets)- RNJ ventures out again to a major tournament. Now it's up to four regional/national events. We're almost becoming commonplace (if that term ever could be applied to RNJ).

To contact us, just send an e-mail to Redemption New Jersey

  WARNING: The skewed point of view found on the RNJ web site is the product of our slightly tilted view of the game (and of life in general, for that matter). Problems with the content are not really our problems-they're yours. The opinions expressed on the RNJ web site are not necessarily those of anyone connected with producing, promoting, or otherwise holding deep-seated feelings of proprietorship toward the game of Redemption, although frankly we hope at least some of them are. The images found on the web site are here in full recognition that we have no right to use them, but we hope Rob, Doug, the artists, etc. will be merciful and not sue us (besides, we don't have much of value they could get off of us anyway, except maybe Michael and Saul). Errors on the web site will be corrected as soon as I get around to it. The "Other Newsgroup FAQs" are taken from the rec.games.trading-cards.misc newsgroup, which is a public forum, so if you're embarrassed by appearing on that page, be careful with your posts in the future-you never know when your words may come back to haunt you (but please, give us more material! We love it!)