Redemeption Retro
(Or, Taking RNJness to the Redemption Mainstream)

We at Redemption New Jersey have been kicking around some ideas for a while. OK, maybe we've just been musing on random ravings, but it all works out the same in the long run. Anyway, one of our ideas actually struck a chord at the Nationals this past year, and so RNJ is happy to introduce our first national web page, devoted to...
Redemeption Retro

What is Redemption Retro, you may ask? (Or you may not ask, but then why are you reading this?) RR takes Redemption back to the days of the Redemption Player's Guide. So if you're...


...then RR is the Redemption for you! RR is Redemption events played with only the cards from the A & B starters, Blue boosters, and Prophets expansion. For old-timers, it may bring back memories. For newbies, you'll find that it's a very different game! Lots of interaction, fewer special abilities to remember, less dominance by dominants-it's a great change of pace from regular Redemption.


Anyone can play RR in their play groups. Just construct decks using standard Type I deck building rules, but using only cards from the Limited/Unlimited and Prophets sets. (Cards that have been reprinted in later expansions but that play EXACTLY the same as their L/U and Prophets couterparts are acceptable. If the only differences are artwork or the presence of a copyright line, the card is OK for RR play. I'll post a definitive list later.) That's all there is to it.


But why limit it to "friendly" play? Why not Retro tournaments? EXACTLY what we asked! So RNJ is going to sponsor a Redemption Retro National Ranking System (RRNRS). Anyone who participates in a sanctioned RR event will be entitled to points in the RRNRS. The ultimate winner will receive...well, we haven't exactly figured out what yet, but it will be a cool RR prize!

RR will sanction tournaments of two types: Type I and Sealed Deck. (There was no Type II in the retro days.) For ease of accouning, only 2-player events will be sanctioned. This may include online events that follow the sanctioning rules.

To be sanctioned, a tournament must:

1) Permit only Retro-legal decks in play. Sealed Deck events must start with A/B starters, although they may use either Limited or Unlimited decks, depending on what you can get your hands on. (You may want to ask that players return the decks for future events, but that's up to you.)

2) Use a format in which all players play the same number of games. (Swiss, round robin, or a bracketed elimination format are all acceptable.)

3) Register your event with the RNJRRNRS coordinator prior to the event being held. (In other words, e-mail Steve in advance.)

4) Return your completed tournament results sheet to RRNRS headquarters. (I'll have the sheets available soon.)

5) Observe the official RR rulings (click here to read them).

That's it! So go ahead and have fun!

Anyone who has played a Retro event-I lost the e-mails you sent me, so could you please send me any results? I'd like to update this page a bit.


This is the prototype of the RRNRS. Please give me feedback! And yes, it is a bit complicated, but I want to give every player the credit they are due for venturing out of the comfort of the Redemption lodge into the uncharted forest of Redemption Retro. The system is a cross between a league and a tournament system. So, here's the first draft:

1. Players receive all points earned in a tournament. EVERY GAME COUNTS!

2. The top finishers in any event receive bonus wins (at 3 points each). The number of players gaining extra wins and the number of wins awarded depends on the total number of players in the tournament.

4-5 players: 1st 2 wins, 2nd 1 win
6-7 players: 1st 3 wins, 2nd 2 wins, 3rd 1 win
8-9 players: 1st 4 wins, 2nd 3 wins, 3rd 2 wins, 4th 1 win
10+ players: 1st 5 wins, 2nd 4 wins, 3rd 3 wins, 4th 2 wins, 5th 1 win
With 12 or more players, every player who ties for 5th ON POINTS (not counting Lost Soul differential) will get one bonus win.

Players tied for a position will divide the bonus points evenly.