New Jersey Redemption Players

The Few, the Proud, the Glowing

Name Hometown E-mail Phone
Braun, Steve East Brunswick, NJ (732) 613-9307
Braun, Robert East Brunswick, NJ
Curtis, Kyle Palmyra, NJ
Demarco, Richie Woodbury, NJ
Gardiner, Hannah Westmont, NJ
Gardiner, Matthew Westmont, NJ
Gardiner, William Westmont, NJ e-will@att,net
Gaudette, Phil McGuire AFB
Huff, Todd Jackson, NJ
Joiner, Joe Colorado Springs, NJ*
Kivelowitz, Jeanette Sicklerville, NJ
Kivelowitz, Steve Sicklerville, NJ
Krushinski, Wes Cream Ridge, NJ
Moore, Jeremy Williamstown, NJ
Sangillo, Justin Hamilton, NJ

*Actually it's Colorado Springs, CO, but I told Joe if he wanted to be an honorary member of RNJ he had to be listed with a NJ address.

To add your name to our list, just drop us a line with your name, hometown, and e-mail address (phone number is optional). We'll get you on the list ASAP or sooner or later, depending on Steve's schedule at the time.