Redemption Graffiti

Yep, we at Redemption New Jersey want to make our own contribution to the world of Redemption art. Unfortunately, we can't draw a lick. So what better way to make a dent in the art world than to despoil the fine artwork produced by others? Let's admit it; you've looked at certain cards and wondered what the characters are saying-especially things that no actual Biblical character would say. We just like to make it a bit more explicit. Go ahead and stroll through the graffiti gallery. We may not know art, but we know how to abuse it.

The Graffiti Gallery is the work of the following vandals, who have contributed ideas and/or artwork to deface these pages: Anna Braun, Steve Braun, Phil Gaudette, Doug Gray, Joe Joiner, Bryon Kerry, and Tim Mierzejewski. . If you'd like to join our foray into the absurd, send us your ideas and/or appropriately defaced artwork for display in our halls.

(All artwork on this and the following pages are copyright Cactus Game Developers. We are using them without any permission, sanction, or even vague sense of encouragement. We have only the highest regard for the artists who have produced the art on these pages, and thoroughly applaud their talent. But, being who we are we couldn't resist...)

Click on Gad "Fly" the Seer to browse the Graffiti walls.

If you have an idea for a bit of Redemption graffiti, we'd be happy to consider it. Just send us your caption or speech baloon and what card art you think it fits. Please remember that Redemption is a Christian game, played by children, and only submit graffiti appropriate to that audience. We at RNJ may lack sense, but we try not to lack least, not too much.